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The Map Of Change

Positive activities within black culture will uplift our race. We will stop depending on others to take care of our own. These are some of the activations funded by the My Hip Hop Culture, 400 Proud, and the American Standard Motorsports Racing Series “Racing 4 Education” Programs. 

A percentage of revenue raised will go to:

  • A bespoke Investment Group which is mandated to:
    • Build homeless shelters/outreach programs in:  LA, Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta. 
    • Develop an etiquette video series by Hip Hop personalities with four releases a year.
    • Micro Loan program:
      • Fund individual needs/goals of eligible applicants.
      • Seed business opportunities that will benefit our community.
    • Faith-based Community Program:
      • Creating a user-friendly public database of all churches and community groups. 
      • Financially assisting young pastors that take care of their congregation.
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
    • Scholarships and educational prizes.
    • Educational and Sports Equipment.
    • Endowed Chairs.