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The “Race 4 Education” activations will bring ambitious people together with American Standard Motorsports to create a financial framework that will continue to fund projects that develop new hope and a healthy mindset by providing the knowledge to navigate modern business with etiquette, poise, and precise actions to achieve honorable goals. A percentage of money raised will go to fund education for the Historical Black Colleges, homeless shelters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Detroit, and Chicago.

These programs will make the world a better place by taking on homelessness and urban blight with shelters, improvement initiatives, and material support. We must, as a people of color, take care and contribute so the world will see the shining example of My Hip Hop Culture and the black community.

We are a like-minded community that embraces this responsible attitude and mindset. We must:

  • Raise our kids with respect, order, and manners.
  • Respect our elders and partake in positive activities.
  • Believe in education and respect our women, along with building character and value within our families.

We understand and support Race 4 Education, and realize we must be accountable for our childrens’ actions.  We envision the good that will come from us playing a positive role in our communities. We understand that we as a culture must come together with a plan to move our race and our brand into the future.