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In 2018 Congress passed into law H.R.1242 – 400 Years of African-American History Commission Act becoming Public Law No. 105-112.

Our movement celebrates the “400 years of contributions that African American people have given to
this country”.

It is admirable to create, to accomplish, and to succeed.

African-Americans are major contributors through an uncommon work ethic and willingness to face any adversity head-on in the quest to succeed as creative thinkers and innovators in the fields of:

  • science,
  • music,
  • entertainment,
  • education,
  • sports,
  • exploration.

400 Proud celebrates those, who before us, reached for the stars regardless of obstacles, making such pride-worthy heritage, and is proud to share this message with the world.

The hand salute:

Four fingers, each signifying a century of black presence in America.

With palm out to signify contributions from our ancestors, those that continue to contribute today, and those who we know will contribute in years to come.

This is a symbol of growth, change and positivity for ALL.

The funds generated by this movement will be used in supporting the black community through the varied Real State of Black America programs.