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Real State Of Black America (RSOBA) is a YouTube and social media-based show that highlights issues in black America, and engages the “Racing 4 Education” Program.

We must:

    • Address our behavior to bring hope to our youth through interviews with entertainers, civil leaders, entrepreneurs, hip hop personalities, fortune 500 companies, and current events commentary.
    • Commit to making a difference of great importance.
    • RSOBA “Racing 4 Education” Program, (in partnership with American Standard Motorsports)
      • Dynamic solutions.
      • A clear roadmap for positive change within our demographic.
      • Generous contributions to society.

Who is Terrance Alton Cox III:

Terrance Cox is the son of a 28-year Army Veteran of the 101st Airborne’s “Screaming Eagles”, his father of Caribbean descent; and his mother; a nurse, educator, and accomplished pianist, in the Church Of God In Christ. Terrance’s beloved daughter attends college in Atlanta, Georgia. He developed his understanding of responsibility and order at military school from an early age and went on to Austin Peay State University where he majored in business. Recognized as a marketing expert, salesman, innovator, and global visionary with unique instincts for future worldwide business trends, Terrance is widely known as the “Guru of Marketing”. 

Merchandising brands under purview:

Historically, Terrance can be credited with:

  • One of the very few persons of color to present a NASCAR Race Team in the Daytona 500 race week in Florida entering The Subway Firecracker 250 with Mike Bliss driving the #19 car showcasing the “Racing 4 Education” brand.
  • First to create an evolutionary national racing series “American Standard Motorsports” to compete against the existing establishment by being accessible to ALL.
  • First to put a Pentecostal Church sponsorship on a racecar.
  • Received a Congressional Award for his work for mankind.
  • Promoted the first “Terrance Alton Cox Motorsports Awards” to recipients at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame.
  • Representing clients in the music and entertainment space.
  • Being a dynamic motivational speaker.
  • Hundreds of articles written about his life journey with millions of social media mentions.
  • Helping organize “The Youth Ball” for President Bill Clinton’s Presidential inauguration.
  • Being a speaker at the “National Action Network” in Harlem, New York.
  • Acting as Co-Host of Mixed Gender Global Basketball.
  • Being a Co-Author of the “Clergy For Minority Youth Matter Movement”.
  • Being a Board member for the “Harlem Transformation Project” in Harlem, New York.
  • Guest speaker for the movie industry’s “Stars Behind The Stars” awards show.
  • Creator of the “ICU Jeans” clothing line.
  • Leading unprecedented campaigns in Motorsports to eradicate injustice for people of color.
  • Creating the “Minority Youth Matters Movement”.
  • Filed COX vs. NASCAR
    • a historical sports lawsuit for those whose voices could not be heard.

Terrance’s love for humility is making a difference in our world through his ambitious vision:

 “Real State Of Black America”