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The Real State of Black America Show takes a close look at the behavior and position of today’s blacks to put forth activations and a clear map to better ourselves as an example for all.

The African American has had a unique, difficult, and often tragic journey.

Popular culture borrows so much from our evolving black identity which drives the entertainment, retail and the social dynamic. It is time to change the message through the streams that profit from our blackness.

The flow of power was against our community. Help us change the tide with your voice.

● Take to social media and get out the word about The RSOBA.
● Like, comment on and share our posts.
● Sign yourself and your friends, family and loved ones up for the newsletter.
● Watch the show and interact with content.

  • Get merchandise and wear your support every day.
    • They make great gifts too.

And finally,

● Put your money to work creating positive results for our community.